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Even though reading is often regarded to be an individual activity, in this post you'll learn why you should be cracking a book open with your child on a regular basis.

How Reading With Your Child Can Benefit Them

  1. One of the most important benefits is that, through your time together reading, you will strengthen the relationship with your child. This can then affect how well they relate to others later in their life.
  2. Building a reading habit can be a challenge for a child. Still, if you take on the challenge with them, they will be more eager to go through with it. In no-time, they will become avid readers.
  3. You may not think much of it, but reading comprehension skills aren't the easiest to develop. If you read with your child, you will be able to answer their questions on vocabulary, plot points, etc., which will aid in their understanding of a text.
  4. Aside from helping them develop their reading comprehension skills, you can also help them work on their critical thinking skills. You can ask questions about the characters, their decisions, and more, to make your child more aware of what they're consuming.
  5. Finally, spending some time to read with your child will allow you to share ideas, feelings and opinions on the book with them. This will surely enrich both of your reading experiences.

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