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When preparing a text, having the right tools at your disposal can allow you to express your ideas as accurately as possible. For example, a thesaurus can help you find the correct elements to word your message perfectly. Still, you need to learn to use your thesaurus to make that happen. For the tips on the matter, continue reading.

How to Use a Thesaurus Correctly

  1. To use a thesaurus correctly, you first need to know when the correct time to use it is. It's safe to say, that if you find yourself getting stuck employing one word over and over again, or can't find the exact word to convey your message perfectly, you can turn to your thesaurus for assistance.
  2. Of course, you have know how to search in your thesaurus in order to take full advantage of it. You should consider, however, that the search method you use will depend on the type of thesaurus you have (online, Roget-type, or alphabetical).
  3. Before you start replacing words in your text with new ones, make sure that you understand the context in which the words are being used. Words can have more than one meaning, so keep that in mind so as to not change the intention behind the message you're sending.
  4. As a final tip, be careful with how you employ your thesaurus. If you use it on every other word, you may end up with a confusing message. Moreover, you need to ensure you understand a replacement word's meaning completely before you add it to your discourse.

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