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In this day and age, keeping your child completely away from mobile devices is not feasible. Instead, you should follow the tips below to manage their cell phone usage effectively.

How to Prevent Cellphone Distractions

Establish Rules

Of course, you first need to establish rules about it. Talk to your child, help them understand the dangers of using their cell phone.  Likewise, teach them how to stay safe and when/how they can/can't use the phone.

Make Education a Priority

While you're talking to your child, you should remind them that their education comes first. This means that they shouldn't get distracted with their cell phone (you can change the wifi password to that end) and that they should see it as a privilege, not a right.

Use It to Incentivize

If your child enjoys spending time on their cell phone, you can start to think of it as an incentive. Its usage can be a reward for when they keep up with their responsibilities accurately.

Add Restrictions

Nowadays, cell phones come equipped with parental controls that allow you to restrict certain behavior on a mobile device (for example, you can block certain apps, certain websites, and certain times).

Take It Away

Even though this must only be used as a last resort, one thing you can do is take your child's phone away from them. This should only happen after they have failed to show the right maturity level time and time again.

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