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If you want to keep your child learning through their school summer break, why not take them to a zoo? There, they'll learn about zoology, ecology, biology, and more, while they have fun with you. To have a great experience at the zoo, however, follow these tips.

How to Visit the Zoo With Your Child

  1. The first step is to research in order to prepare for the day effectively. For example, find out what the weather will be like, what you can expect to see at the zoo, and more.
  2. As stated above, you'll also need to prepare. This includes slathering sunscreen on, putting on comfortable clothing and shoes for your day out, and having snacks and water available.
  3. Before you actually step into the zoo, you need to go over the rules with your child. These should include: not feeding the animals, not getting too close to their cages, not littering, and not wandering away.
  4. Even if you shared the rules with them, you actually need to look out for your child. The zoo can get them too excited, so take care of them to keep them from getting into trouble.
  5. If you truly want to make this a learning experience, then try your best to learn. To that end, read the information on the cards and pay attention to the animals (how they move, the sounds they make, what they eat, etc.).
  6. Lastly, if the zoo you're visiting has a children's area, take your child there. It's likely that this spot has games and activities designed to help children learn more about the animals and their ecosystems.

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