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For some students, focusing in class can be a difficult feat to accomplish. If you have problems in this area, follow the tips in this post to improve your concentration in the classroom.

How to Pay Attention in Class

  1.  First of all, try to stay healthy, since a brain and body that are hungry and tired won't be able to focus during their classes.
  2. You should take a moment before you step into the classroom to prepare mentally. Avoid negative and distracting thoughts, and get ready to learn.
  3. Of course, you should put distractions away. This includes your cell phone, games, or anything else that isn't related to the class.
  4. It's important that you opt for the right seat. For instance, one at the front and center of the room will help you focus more.
  5. Your posture can also influence your attention span. Sit up straight and face forward, as this is a more receptive posture.
  6. Taking notes in class can also help you concentrate better, since writing things down requires you to pay attention.
  7. Make an effort to participate in your classes. This will likely make them more dynamic and more interesting for you.
  8. As a final tip, if you ever can't concentrate in class, at least avoid distracting your peers and teacher, since they are there to fulfill their academic duties.

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