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Are you going through finals? If you are, here are some tips on how you can study successfully with your highlighter.

How to Study With a Highlighter

Use It as a Companion

The first thing about highlighting some people get wrong is thinking they will learn more about what they're reading by simply highlighting the text. They won't. Use highlighting as a companion or aid to other more effective study methods, for example, taking notes.

Employ a Rainbow of Colors

Yellow is probably the color you associate with highlighters the most. Still, it's not the only color highlighters come in. There are also pink, blue, orange, purple, and green ones. Use this to your advantage and assign a color to a different type of information (e.g. pink for names) to make identifying information easier when studying.

Don't Write or Doodle With Your Highlighter

Highlighters are meant to make important information stand out from the rest. Still, this can be hard to achieve if the margins in your notebooks are filled with scribbles you did with highlighter. Employ your highlighters solely for highlighting to avoid confusion.

Be Careful When Highlighting

A last but very important tip is that you should highlight with care. Don't emphasize every single piece of information because then you won't be able to distinguish it from one another. Instead, read your notes or textbooks a couple of times over, digest the information, and then decide what's worth highlighting.

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