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Being the new student in school can be challenging. However, you're more than capable of overcoming said challenge. For tips on how to have a smooth start in a new school, continue reading.

How to Start in a New School

  1. The first thing is to research the new school: tour the campus, search for it online, and know more about it so you can paint a clearer picture of it in your head.
  2. Being unprepared can stress you out even more, so get ready days in advance: choose your outfit, pack your backpack, and more.
  3. A way to feel more confident and comfortable during your first days is to care for your appearance. Find a good outfit and mind your personal hygiene.
  4. Of course, you will have to meet new people. Introduce yourself to others, ask for their help, and try to remain open for conversation.
  5. Another way to meet people and start feeling like part of the school is to join different activities (clubs, teams, parties, among others).
  6. Not having your old friends close can be challenging. As you go through the adaptation process, talk to them often and keep in touch, so you feel closer to them.
  7. Finally, focus on the positive. Be confident in yourself and try to be excited for the new adventures this change will bring to your life.

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